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Healthcare consultants arriving walking toward you.

When your organization engages The Fox Group, it's teaming up with an industry leader among healthcare consulting firms.  Our healthcare consultants have a track record over more than two decades of service that has left a trail of successful outcomes, satisfied / repeat clientele, and a reputation for treating each customer as if you were our only one.

Healthcare consultants with real-world experience

Every client and every project is unique.  We recognize and respect that.  However, each of the healthcare consultants on our team has had many years of hands-on, practical experience in the business of healthcare.  We come from inpatient settings and outpatient clinics.  From single physician practices to large health systems.  And from traditional ancillary services to cutting-edge Health IT organizations.  Consequently, our team of healthcare consultants is adept at drawing on their years of experience and assessing the many varied situations, circumstances, and needs for which we are called upon.

Specialties and credentials among our healthcare consultants are far-reaching

In addition to having held executive positions and earning advanced business degrees, many of our healthcare consultants also have specialized credentials and training in a variety of areas.  A few examples include medical record coding and documentation, nursing, skilled nursing and assisted living administration/reimbursement, physical therapy, dentistry, and electronic health records/information systems.

Healthcare consultants with integrity

We're sure that you'll find our healthcare consultants to be well equipped with the necessary expertise and demeanor to guide you and your organization toward your specific goals.  Feel free to explore the brief synopses provided here so as to gain a window into their backgrounds and areas of experience.  But also know that our healthcare consultants are made up of individuals who possess upstanding character and integrity.  People you can trust with your company, your staff, and your future.

Our healthcare consulting testimonials will attest to that time and again...

“It has been a pleasure to work with The Fox Group over the past three years…they performed a complete assessment of our organization, designed a comprehensive strategic plan and followed through on the implementation of that plan. I have found them to be extremely reliable and knowledgeable…ability to follow through with the strategic plan and ongoing management…highly professional people…get the job done without offending anyone…thorough, competent…(we) got more than we paid for.”

J.A.K., M.D. President, Cardiovascular Center of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada

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