Implementation of Consulting Recommendations

Healthcare consultants have rightly been charged with practicing a “hit and run” approach by entering a situation, evaluating it, making recommendations, and then leaving the implementation up to the client.  Since this is the most crucial step in the process, we offer an implementation phase during which we, in “partnership” with the client, carry the responsibility for successful follow-up.

How to Improve Physician Billing ProcessesHealthcare Consulting with Implementation of Recommendations

How to Improve Physician Billing Processes
Watch: How to Improve Physician Billing Processes

Large acute care hospitals, medical groups, and single physician practices have varying levels of infrastructure, and each project has it's own objectives.  Consequently, during this implementation phase our role is scaled according to the project's needs and the client's internal abilities.

The Fox Group's Consulting Pathways

Without "partnering" with the client in order to facilitate/coordinate, and even "coach" the organization from Point A to Point B, consulting engagements are only of limited value.  Just developing plans accomplishes little.  Participation and practical assistance in on-site implementation is essential.  "Benchmarking" tools and "best practices" criteria are all applied in this process. Measurable outcomes, specific return-on-investment, organization wide demonstration of operational quality and compliance with regulatory requirements, are all elements in the Consulting Pathways employed by The Fox Group.

Healthcare Consulting Pathways

"Your consulting activities, ...have guided us through the eight-month process ..we especially want to thank you for the excellence in your approach and your professional and courteous manner. We thank you very much and hope we will have the opportunity to work with you again."

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