Executive Management

The Fox Group can handle every aspect of the administrative support services and operation of day-to-day activities at your place of business through an Executive Management Agreement ... thus allowing you to stay focused on the delivery of clinical services to your clientele. It makes good business sense to go with a management company if they can do it better, faster, and many times, after an initial investment, at a lower cost.

Executive Management ServicesHowever, "outsourcing" also involves some risk through sharing control. Consequently,The Fox Group provides a unique approach, minimizing this risk to you. These management agreements are service agreements, whereby the consultant is responsible for the executive management of the organization. Sometimes one or more full-time employees of The Fox Group are placed at the client's office location.

In any healthcare setting the most effective consultant is one who will readily establish pertinent strategies and participate in their implementation.

The Fox Group is a firm that focuses on the implementation of its recommendations, ensuring their success.

Even, if required, a temporary chief administrator / CEO will be placed at the client facility, full or part time, to ensure turn-around and uninterrupted operations, protecting the ongoing revenue cycle and daily operations.

Reliable, successful implementation is our emphasis.

When you need proven expertise and performance