Unique Among Healthcare Consulting Firms

Healthcare consultants working with graphs.

The Fox Group is one of the select healthcare consulting firms in the nation that not only provide recommendations and guidance, but will also "roll up their sleeves" and work with an organization on the implementation of necessary steps toward success.  We specialize in assisting physicians, hospitals, outpatient rehabilitation clinics, and a diverse list of other healthcare organizations throughout the U.S. and abroad to achieve their strategic and operational goals.

Our specialized service

Founded in 1989, we have committed to provide personalized, conscientious, and comprehensive services to our clientele.  Service that will not only enable you and your healthcare organization to realize sustainable success, but arrive at that point having also developed confidence and trust in our ability to assist you in future endeavors.

The best healthcare consulting firms require the most qualified consultants

Our firm's team of healthcare consultants carries a variety of specialty credentials from all corners of the field.  However, they do share a common trait in that they all have years of hands-on experience in their areas of expertise, and had worked their way to leadership positions prior to joining The Fox Group.  Whether it be medical documentation and coding, strategic planning, or financial modeling, our experience, focus on outcome, and record of success has established us as leaders in our industry and among other healthcare consulting firms.

Over 75 percent of our clientele have been referred to us by existing clients, and many reengage us time and again for new projects to continue the advancement of their organization and vision.  The excerpts of letters, written to The Fox Group by clients have repeatedly demonstrated the enthusiastic endorsement of our staff’s performance and our standing among other healthcare consulting firms.

Major client groups for our healthcare consulting firm's services

  • Physicians & Medical Centers
  • Hospitals & Hospital Networks
  • Long-Term Care Providers
  • Healthcare Technology & Digital Health
  • Therapy & Rehabilitation Service Providers
  • Home Healthcare Providers
  • Other Health Service Providers


When you need proven expertise and performance