R. S., Owner, Smiley Law Firm

Thank you . . . We start our final hearing in the arbitration in the morning. I know it does not seem like he did much in the scheme of these sorts of engagements, but (The Fox Group) really did keep me from making a couple of very bad mistakes in my analysis of the billing and collection records. So, I am grateful for your prompt attention to this matter. . . It may be that after the defendants’ experts testify I may have additional questions . . . I hope that will be possible.

Melissa Binus, MSN, FNP-C, RN, Administrator

Thank you does not cut it for everything you have helped us with . . . Thank you for the tremendous support you have been to us at Beautiful Minds Medical, Inc. Your dedication and support in helping us lay down the foundation for the medical practice and now the Intensive Outpatient Program have been indispensable. We realize that with your support we have been able to function effectively, efficiently, correctly and stay financially on target. Through your assistance we have been able to reach far beyond what we ever dreamed of. Your dedication in providing expert advice has helped us prevent long-lasting mistakes committed in ignorance. We have appreciated how you have continually been available in time of needing to make major decisions and minor ones with lasting consequences. Your experience in putting together policies and procedures to help all business function within the legal guidelines has been of so much value. Through your assistance we have been able to ensure safety and well-being of our clients, the business and its staff. This has provided tremendous peace of mind to us. Thank you so much for your dedicated support! Your thoughtfulness and service means so much to us at Beautiful Minds Medical.

Inland Hospitalists Medical Group Riverside, California

“We would like to thank you for the services you have provided…and look forward to the possibility of doing business with you again in the future. Thank You for bringing our business to the level we currently enjoy, we wouldn’t have done it without your expertise”.

Margaret Dinhluu Bredehoft, DrPH, Managing Director, Vitalae Wellness, Corporate Services

Thank you for the services that you have provided to our company in 2011 & 2012…we feel that we have accomplished everything needed…The Fox Group has opened our awareness to issues that will be important to us as our business grows. We would like to go (continue) on a per diem basis with The Fox Group. Thank you all for your support! Wishing you a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

Daniel Binus, MD, Psychiatry, Beautiful Minds Medical, Inc., Auburn, California.

“The Fox Group was an indispensable part of building my practice successfully. From the very beginning, their attention to detail and expert planning made the process run smoothly and efficiently. Rather than using a “cookie cutter” model to develop my practice, they paid close attention to my desires and helped me create a practice that truly reflects the type of medicine I want to practice, and an organization I can take pride in. Once a solid foundation was laid for the practice, The Fox Group provided expert support in the implementation phase. Assisting in everything from navigating the insurance world and managing finances to helping us hire our first employees, working with The Fox Group gave me freedom to do what I love to do – practice medicine!”

Dr. Patricia Pitts, Owner, The Bella Vita, LLC, Los Angeles, California

Thank you for the beautiful painting in recognition of The Bella Vita’s first step towards partnerships and expansion! It’s treasured! Thank You for all the incredible guidance, wisdom, and support you have given to . . . The Bella Vita staff. You have left your footprint in our lives. Many Thanks!

F.R.H., MD, President, Family Practice Group, Idaho

“…you certainly have helped us keep more focused on the business and certainly have been a major player in our ability to get through some rather difficult times….hope that we would be able to contact you to help us with a specific project as we have in the past.”

A.R.D., Jr., M.D., A Medical Corporation Indio, California

“The Fox Group has been a main-stay for me throughout this past year…You have helped me through many transition times. You have helped stabilize my practice in many different ways…I look forward to this coming year when our growth will continue.”

President and Medical Director, Pulmonary Associates, Inc. Las Vegas, Nevada

“The Fox Group has provided excellent service while assisting us in the process of selecting and implementing an Electronic Health Records/Practice Management system in our offices. The Fox Group has provided invaluable leadership for this project, enabling us to advance through the selection process in an environment where staff and physicians are extremely busy. The Fox Group brought to bear numerous checklists and tools for our selection process…could not have managed such a thorough “due diligence” process without the assistance of The Fox Group. I am deeply appreciative…as they have led us through the difficult process of selecting an EHR/PM system.”

Advanced Pain Centers (APC), Festus, Missouri

I cannot express how much appreciation I have for the professional (work), and all that you, your team, and the Fox Group have shown towards APC. Including “everything” all of you have done, to assist APC with fulfilling the obligations in the CIA. Taking APC on, at such short notice, is also very much appreciated. The process with the Fox Group team was a refreshing experience, after having dealt with so much madness previously. After what had taken place prior to finding the Fox Group, to find a professional experienced company, that not only fulfill their obligations, but brought APC insight and education of our obligations under the CIA was a great benefit. Thank you!

D.C., President & CEO, Modernizing Medicine, Inc., Florida

“We want to thank you for your services in assisting us with the ONC Criteria for Certified EHR Technology. Fully understanding the ONC Criteria is a unique challenge in itself. The committed service we received from The Fox Group allowed us to be sure that we thoroughly investigated and obtained a valid interpretation of the criteria before applying for certification. They were particularly helpful in the area of QA, which gave us full confidence once we started the certification process. This experience enhanced our ability to incorporate the specified criteria and standards, which added a beneficial element to our EMA software product”.