Juan Gomez Velez, RA CAAPPR, President, Caribbean Life Care Services LLC

His (The Fox Group’s consultant) sound and thorough report on our three current projects proved to be instrumental in broadening their support and securing their funding.  While engaged . . .  our team became aware of the possibility of leasing or acquiring an existing 255 bed hospital in San Juan.  We would like to talk this over with you to see how you could help us explore the feasibility of such an endeavor.

We are convinced that no one could assist us better as we look into this project other than you and your firm.  Once again, thank you for considering assisting us by means of your firm’s broad experience, and stalwart professionalism, traits we have come respect and admire.

Ronald V. Benigno, President, Senior Care Projects

Senior Care Projects contacted The Fox Group LLC to explore what help Fox could provide with the development of a senior care project (assisted living and memory care), which had several problems. I initially met with your Partner Craig Fukushima. I was impressed with his expertise and his ability to listen and quickly analyze our situation and suggest several solutions to the problems. We engaged The Fox Group, LLC after that meeting and Craig assigned Robert Gundling as our consultant. Robert has been excellent. He is a conscientious and hardworking individual with a wealth of experience. We benefited immediately from his counsel and oversight. There has been no situation he had not previously dealt with during his career . . . I am pleased our Menifee project is underway and progressing nicely and I look forward to the opening next year and having The Fox Group in attendance.

Frederick R. Haller, PhD, MD, Mountain Health Care

Until I read all of the testimonials I realized I also have been remiss in thanking you and your group for helping us over a lengthy period of time and at a time of great need and uncertainty. We would not have survived without your help and support. I am especially grateful for the personal time you spent with me.

Dr. Patricia Pitts, Owner, The Bella Vita, LLC, Los Angeles, California

Thank you for the beautiful painting in recognition of The Bella Vita’s first step towards partnerships and expansion! It’s treasured! Thank You for all the incredible guidance, wisdom, and support you have given to . . . The Bella Vita staff. You have left your footprint in our lives. Many Thanks!

Daniel Binus, MD, Psychiatry, Beautiful Minds Medical, Inc., Auburn, California.

“The Fox Group was an indispensable part of building my practice successfully. From the very beginning, their attention to detail and expert planning made the process run smoothly and efficiently. Rather than using a “cookie cutter” model to develop my practice, they paid close attention to my desires and helped me create a practice that truly reflects the type of medicine I want to practice, and an organization I can take pride in. Once a solid foundation was laid for the practice, The Fox Group provided expert support in the implementation phase. Assisting in everything from navigating the insurance world and managing finances to helping us hire our first employees, working with The Fox Group gave me freedom to do what I love to do – practice medicine!”

David Pfaff and Dr. Stanley Dintcho, Assisted Living, Rio Vista, California

“I had performed my own due diligence in selecting who I thought would be the most qualified professionals available for making a proper and accurate assessment of the socioeconomic trend data specific to Rio Vista, a small rural agricultural based city in the Delta region of Northern California in Solano County. In this regard I had engaged in many, many telephone conversations with many firms…I cannot compliment Craig (The Fox Group) enough for his patience…After all, I was not seeking someone to tell me what I wanted to hear and or read. I wanted someone to tell me I may be “nuts” to pursue this project (ALF) in this area, and then tell me why it would not be viable. Mr. Gundling (The Fox Group) was…quiet, thoughtful intellectual man … Absolutely a brilliant man here! Craig and Robert make for a great team approach! There are many decisions yet to be made in going forward with this project. We look forward to continuing our association with your firm, and these two very capable and brilliant professionals! You are lucky to have them on your staff.”

P.H.,APR, President, Advanced Practice Nursing Corporation, Inc. San Bernardino, California

“H Street Clinic is a not-for-profit community clinic serving vulnerable populations in the inner city area of San Bernardino, California…Advanced Practice Nursing Services is a professional nursing corporation which provided professional nurse practitioner services at H Street Clinic…As part of its engagement to open the Clinic, The Fox Group identified a vendor to update and assist with training and implementation of the existing EHR & practice management system, to update the system to the latest version, transfer licenses…and ensure the interface was functional…The Fox Group and its consultants were instrumental in…making this key component of the Clinic operational timely, and in continuing to keep the systems operational over the next three years. I recommend them unreservedly to others who are facing choices of selection and implementation of EHR/PM system.”

Pediatric Minds, Inc., Torrance, California

“I have been very pleased with our progress… I hope we can work something out for the Implementation plan since I have grown to trust you guys and believe in what you do and would like to continue to collaborate.”

President & CEO, OA Systems, Rancho Cucamonga, California and Karachi, Pakistan

“We did not know what to expect from the Fox Group… were pleasantly surprised. The Fox Group has provided us with excellent service. We really felt that the Fox Group team that we dealt with had extensive knowledge and experience in Health IT and were able to provide us with the advice and information that we were looking for. We were able to leverage the Fox Group network to organize meetings and focus groups with health providers; a task that was made much more simple and quick because of Fox Group. We look forward to our continued relationship with Fox Group as both our organizations grow together.”

G.L., M.D., DrPH, Director, Hospital Waldfriede / Health Center Berlin, Germany

“One of the most outstanding features of success is the consultant’s work with the medical staff at the hospital. They are now in support of the center, which was not the case prior to the consultant’s involvement. The other most important outcome of the consulting work is the involvement of the various insurance companies, including the two largest German insurance companies. This was unexpected and unhoped for by the hospital. A very unique development since this has never happened before.”

R.W., Executive Director, Premier Health, Inc. Orange, California

“We have worked with The Fox Group since the inception of our company…in 1994. It was with their assistance that our corporation was founded. They have been instrumental in our expansion from service in one location to our current size, offering service in 20 different locations…clarity of focus whether assisting in strategic plans, budget forecasts, or authoring marketing collateral…They have provided the “Big Picture” to counter our sometimes myopic viewpoint. We highly recommend The Fox Group.”

Mission Community Hospital Reseda, California

“…your report was fine…it confirmed my sense of things. I have advised the Board that it should consider your renewed services. My thoughts are that you established a trusting relationship with the Board and everyone should consider building on that relationship.”

J.A.A, President Berryman Health, Inc. Orange, California

“The relationship has brought us nothing but success and growth. We chose to contract with them rather than hire an additional staff person because…The Fox Group would be more cost effective and be a greater source of information. Our decision was correct…excellent command of financial planning and analysis with commitment to excellence …amazing accuracy…as if (we were the) only customer. Their continued support far surpasses that of many of our own employees …quality of their work is always superior.”

Seventh-Day-Adventist Church Stuttgart, Germany

“Your consulting activities, your final report and recommendations have guided us through the eight-month process of focusing our strategic goals in the area of long-term care planning. Your concepts of Skilled Nursing Care, Assisted Living Services, Alzheimer and Demenz facilities development have greatly assisted us. We are most appreciative for your consulting work. We especially want to thank you for the excellence in your approach and your professional and courteous manner. We also greatly appreciate the extra time and travel you have done for us, based on our request…as soon as we may need further help developing this project, we may ask you again for your consulting assistance. We already have and certainly will continue to highly recommend Fox to interested organizations and individuals. We thank you very much and hope we will have the opportunity to work with you again.”

JMC, PhD, President, Concept Healthcare, San Diego, California

“Business planning and development work… I engaged (The Fox Group) to, first, help design a new health care business for an online, interactive training company Their work is solid, dependable, and professional. I can recommend them, without reservation.”