Melissa Binus, MSN, FNP-C, RN, Administrator

Thank you does not cut it for everything you have helped us with . . . Thank you for the tremendous support you have been to us at Beautiful Minds Medical, Inc. Your dedication and support in helping us lay down the foundation for the medical practice and now the Intensive Outpatient Program have been indispensable. We realize that with your support we have been able to function effectively, efficiently, correctly and stay financially on target. Through your assistance we have been able to reach far beyond what we ever dreamed of. Your dedication in providing expert advice has helped us prevent long-lasting mistakes committed in ignorance. We have appreciated how you have continually been available in time of needing to make major decisions and minor ones with lasting consequences. Your experience in putting together policies and procedures to help all business function within the legal guidelines has been of so much value. Through your assistance we have been able to ensure safety and well-being of our clients, the business and its staff. This has provided tremendous piece of mind to us. Thank you so much for your dedicated support! Your thoughtfulness and service means so much to us at Beautiful Minds Medical.