eHealth Solutions, eHealth Thought Lab and Strategic Tool

What are eHealth solutions?  One formal definition of eHealth reads “the term characterizes not only a technical development, but also a state-of-mind, a way of thinking, an attitude, and a commitment for networked, global thinking, to improve health care locally, regionally, and worldwide by using information and communication technology”.  What is e-health? G.Eysenbach J. med Internet Res. 2001,3(2):e20Medicine doctor eHealth solutionsAt The Fox Group, we think of eHealth solutions as the intersection of digital technology, the internet, social media and healthcare clinical and administrative processes.

Use of eHealth soutions have three expectations

  • Better Health, eHealth solutions can result in better health through improving care delivery, improving patient experience, increasing physician and patient engagement, and increasing patient satisfaction.
  • Better Health Outcomes, eHealth solutions raise expectations for better outcomes, including improvements in clinical quality measures; use of evidence-based, focused medicine; population health management; identifying predictors of poor health, and addressing at-risk population needs.
  • Lowering Costs, eHealth solutions arguably are lowering costs by introducing new models of cost efficient treatment, especially in chronic disease management.

eHealth solutions and my healthcare organization

Although these eHealth concepts are well and good, the most important question right now is, how it all relates to my organization, medical group, hospital, or healthcare clinic.

Based on client questions and needs, The Fox Group developed this interactive eHealth Thought Lab, involving three meetings to focus sequentially on (1) current eHealth environment and concepts, (2) your current eHealth applications, and (3) strategic planning to implement additional eHealth solutions currently available and suitable for your healthcare organizations. Participants from the client organization will work side by side with several experts from The Fox Group, exploring concepts and opportunities for eHealth solutions.

Puzzel-E HealthThe eHealth Thought Lab is addressing the right here and right now

Consider the fact that certain technologies such as electronic health records (EHR) and selected other digital tools are being used by your providers or patients right now.  Your providers use handheld devices, your patients might monitor themselves via various sensors or smartphones, and your organization generally is more digital with much less paper than ever before.

The eHealth Thought Lab is an organized approach to reviewing the current use of eHealth solutions in your organization today.  We also review examples of eHealth technologies available in the healthcare industry, from handheld devices, sensors, and the like, to social media and internet based activities.  Heard about ePatient activities, or the ePatient scholarship by Standford University’s Medicine X conference?  Read about how Twitter or the healthcare hashtag project , or the Symplur organization may play a role in predicting and monitoring disease outbreaks?  The eHealth future is upon us!

In the eHealth Thought Lab, you will review existing examples of eHealth solutions and eHealth technologies used worldwide.

The eHealth Thought Lab, a focused strategic planning process

eHealth solutions are bridging the gap between what is currently available in your organization and what’s accessible and potentially beneficial to your organization.  Actionable strategic steps shall be identified and explored.

Consultants of The Fox Group have conducted eHealth Thought Labs, including assistance in presentations, discussions, and workshops for the implementation of eHealth solutions with various health care centers, hospitals, and specific departments, with a variety of audiences including hospital boards, physicians, medical specialties, pharmacy organizations, and  investors.

The eHealth Thought Lab is a practical, current, accessible solution for your organization

♦ Patient eHealth solutions to include Tele monitoring, Mobile Health, Wearables, Monitoring physical parameters (Quantified Self), Feedback and Alerts, Distant Care, Tele Consult and telemedicine, Medication compliance. Health and Fitness, Life Style/behavioral change, Social Media, Enhancing the Home . . .and so much more.

♦ Provider eHealth solutions to include Personal Health Records, Electronic Health Records, Clinical Workflow Tools, Medical records, Medication records, Connected Health, Patient Centric Health, Monitoring, Ambient Technology, Interoperability, Health IT, Reimbursement/compensation . . .

♦ The eHealth Thought Lab takes you through an effective strategic planning process, helping you move your organization from point A to point B, focused on eHealth solutions and technologies.

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