eHealth Technologies and the eHealth Thought Lab

You may be surprised at how many eHealth technologies are being used in and around your organization – and by your competitors!  From the handheld devices (mobile health or eHealth) to your EHR and beyond!

  • A sensor mat when placed under the bed mattress, can be used to monitor heart and respiratory rates, with information sent over a secure connection to caregivers.
  • A robot with built-in navigation capabilities for self-mobility that makes use of telemedicine technologies.
  • A workstation technology that allows physicians and nurses to remain at their own workstations while essentially passing the patient around to each other virtually.
  • A “digital hospital” in action . . . and there is more.

As part of a series of three meetings about eHealth technologies, called the eHealth Thought Lab,  we explore concepts and opportunities, helping you define concrete projects for early and quick implementation of eHealth technologies and strategies. You will have an eHealth technologies strategy of your own and will know the immediate steps best suited for your organization.

Sifting through the numerous eHealth technologies we are exposed to daily: are they realities, concepts or just wishful thinking?

eHealth consulting services by The Fox Group consists of three sessions and typically will accommodate 6-16 participants and stakeholders from your healthcare organization. Your selected strategic staff will be working alongside experts from The Fox Group dealing with the basics of eHealth, eHealth technologies, real life eHealth case studies and examples, the eHealth initiative, and eHealth solutions and trends.

eHealth technologies: the eHealth Thought Lab strategic planning process

A sample outline of the eHealth Thought Lab strategic planning process includes technologies to be uncovered, such as exploration of the eHealth initiative and concept designs of  “how to relate to existing eHealth technologies” already in use within the organization.   An eHealth Thought Lab will help you identify how to “communicate” between providers and patients, and the eHealth technologies  that are most useful and readily available to adopt in your organization.

eHealth Thought Lab workshop #1, will cover:

  • Current issues and trends in social media, technology, and related eHealth activities currently being used, by providers and patients;
  • What eHealth technologies really are or should be, and why should you care?
  • Where eHealth technologies are being used, sample projects and outcome exploration from around the world; and
  • Practical eHealth technologies cases in hospitals/clinics and other healthcare settings.

eHealth Thought Lab workshop #2, will discuss:

  • Current eHealth technologies already in use in your organization; and
  • How additional eHealth technologies can and will impact your organization, potentially resulting in time and cost savings, but also disrupting current organizational patterns and practices.

eHealth Thought Lab workshop #3, will help you develop:

  • Proposals for specific eHealth technologies based on realistic propositions for stakeholders of your organization; and
  • Estimates of the feasibility of your organization to implement your own realistic and actionable eHealth technologies.

Where do I go from here with eHealth technologies and how important is it?

ehealth techologies crossroads - decisions concept and strategic planningThe eHealth Thought Lab will take your stakeholder suggestions and internal informal discussions into first practices on eHealth technologies and actualization. Calls for projects, proposals, or even comparisons to the competition may lead to possible small scale initiatives or grand ideas for big designs of what your organization could do.  Use what is available and create the interaction and communication for user friendly applications!

eHealth Consulting Services: Outcome of the eHealth Thought Lab

The outcome of the eHealth Thought Lab strategic sessions result in tactical ideas and should lead to the development of a formal plan about what to do, how to align different departments and disciplines, and how to create opportunities for further development of eHealth technologies.

Finally, in maturing and advanced phases, several aspects are attended to, such as exploration of existing and new eHealth technologies, IT integration, data safety, HIPAA related issues, and possible redesigning of processes, patient participation, and many other components.

The eHealth Thought Lab meetings are highly interactive, taking advantage of online working labs.  To ease flexibility and connectedness, in between on-site meetings, participants are encouraged to work with each other online to share, inform, and discuss, ensuring their hands-on experience with eHealth technologies and new concepts.

 eHealth technologies are coming to healthcare organizations all over the world.  Find out how to ride the top of the wave, vs. be swept away with the other froth!