IRO Services Overview

The services of an Independent Review Organization (IRO) are integral to most Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIA).  Healthcare and other organizations that enter into a CIA with the government are required to retain an IRO, usually to review a sample of the claims the organization is submitting to Federal healthcare programs.  IRO audits may also include an operational review of the organization’s process for compiling and submitting claims, including coding and medical necessity.

The Fox Group is uniquely qualified to function as an IRO for corporate integrity agreements.  We have years of experience in healthcare compliance consulting and have provided IRO services for a variety of healthcare providers, including medical practices, institutional providers, retail pharmacies and more.

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If your business requires the services of an independent review organization, please look through the FAQs listed below.  To learn more about our compliance consulting services, including compliance program policies and procedures, please visit our Compliance & HIPAA Services page.

Frequently asked questions about an IRO or a CIA:

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