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Organizations providing IRO services are not all the same.  One of the crucial questions to be asked is, does the IRO understand healthcare operations and my day-to-day activities, given the specialty I may be working in.   

You also will receive a 7-point checklist to assist you in appointing a professional and qualified IRO.

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The selection of an IRO is a critical part of your compliance process and should be a decision that is thoughtful and informed. Let’s delve more into what an IRO does and how to best select an IRO.

  • A checklist of 7 critical questions to ask.

  • What an IRO does or does not do.

  • The IRO Process

  • IRO Responsibilities

  • …and more!

“I have been very pleased with our progress… I hope we can work something out for the Implementation plan since I have grown to trust you guys and believe in what you do and would like to continue to collaborate.”

- Pediatric Minds, Inc., Torrance, California

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