How to Respond to a Medical Documentation & Coding Audit

With a record number of auditing agencies focused on the healthcare industry, the old adage "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" holds more true than ever.  That's why The Fox Group encourages all providers to establish a compliance plan that includes a mechanism for routine documentation and coding audits, whether conducted internally, or outsourced to a party with such expertise.  However, there are times when all of us are in need of the "pound of cure".

Free Guide:  Medical Documentation & Coding Audit ... Prepare, Respond, Appeal

The following document is a brief guide that can be used if your organization is ever faced with a medical documentation and coding audit.  It covers several points about responding to and preparation for the audit, as well as appealing unfavorable results.  Please feel free to download it and keep it on hand should a need arise.  Or just bookmark this page.

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