Healthcare Market Study

Healthcare market feasibility study

Engaging The Fox Group to conduct a healthcare market feasibility study means that your organization will gain the unique benefit of our consultants’ collective experience in assessing the potential of a given market.  Unique because our staff of experts are not only adept at assessing the viability of healthcare markets, but each member of our team has come from “real world” settings in which they have been responsible for the successful operation of those services and facilities that they had determined to be worth pursuing.  Consequently, the detail and consideration that we integrate into vetting your project and/or market is a blend of regimented study and operational business acumen.

Focused Healthcare Market Research

We, like you, are focused on outcome.  Consequently, our market research delves into the following …

  • Identifying primary and secondary markets for the proposed health services.
  • Exploring the demographic and economic factors in these health markets relating to income, housing, employment, transportation, and population.
  • Projecting the trends that are shaping what these markets will look like in the future.
  • Completing a thorough competitive analysis given the healthcare service lines being explored.
  • Determining the sources of business for the healthcare venture.
  • A demand analysis for the space or medical services provided by the proposed project.

Healthcare Market Segmentation

Knowing what to do based on determined healthcare market size and research is where our practical experience in operations comes into play.  The Fox Group is capable of segmenting the results of our market analysis and helping to determine …

  • Specific programming options
  • Space or site identification and analysis
  • Design characteristics
  • Medical equipment selection and acquisition costs
  • Staffing and training requirements
  • Service differentiation and amenities

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