Free EHR Selection and Implementation Guide

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EHR Selection and Implementation Guide 

"The Art and Science of Evaluating, Selecting, and Implementing an Electronic Health Records System"

EHR systems are going to revolutionize the business of delivering healthcare services.

And while there are many benefits to both the provider and patient, an ill-conceived plan for selection and implementation can be costly, chaotic, and doomed to failure.

In this guide, The Fox Group explains the fourteen step process to a successful outcome in the selection and implementation of an EHR system.

Free EHR Selection and Implementation Guide

This FREE guide covers the following points in selecting an EHR system:

  • The Needs Assessment and Using the Results
  • Six Critical Criteria to Use in Selecting an EHR Vendor
  • The Initial Vendor Questionnaire
  • How to Get a Useful Vendor Demonstration
  • Return on Investment Analysis
  • What to look for in EHR Contracts
  • Implementation Planning and Execution
  • ... and more


  • Quality Return on Investment
  • Access to Incentives in the HITECH Act
  • Improved Documentation and Regulatory Compliance
  • Increase Patient Safety
  • Improved Accuracy in Billing
  • Potential for Decreased Insurance Premiums
  • ... and more

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