Guide to Measuring an Effective Corporate Compliance Program

Every healthcare provider who participates in the Medicare and Medicaid payment systems is required to have a functioning Corporate Compliance Program. The keyword there is “functioning”, as you are needing to have far more than mere paper compliance. Now is your chance to do a quick self-assessment on the health of your organization’s compliance program, and to verify if you have a solid foundation, or if there are gaps needing to be addressed.

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Your self-assessment guide will walk you through details regarding …

  • Written Policies and Procedures and Standards of Conduct,

  • Your Compliance Officer, Compliance Committee, and Governing Body

  • The effectiveness of your system for routine Monitoring, Auditing and Identification of Compliance Risks

  • … and more! Make sure your Corporate Compliance Plan is on track, and if it's not, understand why

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"I want to express my appreciation for all that you and Jim and Cindy (The Fox Group) have done for Genesis Laboratories and for me, personally. Your team offered guidance, reassurance, resources and calm during difficult times and friendship and another pair of hands when we were busy. Having you there took a weight off my shoulders; just knowing that I was not facing these challenges alone was a relief to me. It was more than a business relationship - it was a trusted family friend in my corner. Now that I am dealing with the administrators at (University) on a daily basis, I appreciate even more, how superb you are at what you do."

- Dr. Robin Clark, Owner, President and Medical Director

Get Your FREE Guide to Measuring Corporate Compliance