David Pfaff and Dr. Stanley Dintcho, Assisted Living, Rio Vista, California

“I had performed my own due diligence in selecting who I thought would be the most qualified professionals available for making a proper and accurate assessment of the socioeconomic trend data specific to Rio Vista, a small rural agricultural based city in the Delta region of Northern California in Solano County. In this regard I had engaged in many, many telephone conversations with many firms…I cannot compliment Craig (The Fox Group) enough for his patience…After all, I was not seeking someone to tell me what I wanted to hear and or read. I wanted someone to tell me I may be “nuts” to pursue this project (ALF) in this area, and then tell me why it would not be viable. Mr. Gundling (The Fox Group) was…quiet, thoughtful intellectual man … Absolutely a brilliant man here! Craig and Robert make for a great team approach! There are many decisions yet to be made in going forward with this project. We look forward to continuing our association with your firm, and these two very capable and brilliant professionals! You are lucky to have them on your staff.”