HUD 232 … program overview

HUD 232 ProgramThe development of a new skilled nursing or assisted living facility is a complex and expensive undertaking.  One of the most challenging aspects of that development can be the financing of such a project.  Consequently, one worthwhile consideration is the HUD 232 program.

What makes the HUD 232 program attractive?

The HUD 232 program has several key features that may be attractive to a prospective developer.  These features include low-interest rates, longer terms, and very competitive LTV.  All of this coupled with a non-recourse loan package make the HUD 232 program a consideration for most long-term care projects.

View a summary of the HUD 232 program

The following Executive Summary of the HUD 232 program provides the reader with a useful overview.  Learn about ...

  • Terms
  • Eligible projects
  • Processing your HUD application

... and more.