OIG 2015 Work Plan

This is the OIG 2015 Work Plan. Are you looking for the most current OIG Work Plan?

On October 31, 2014, the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) issued the OIG 2015 work plan.  This 90 page publication sheds light on the planned areas of focus for investigation and enforcement activities in the coming fiscal year. Typically, the OIG issues this work plan in October; a notable exception occurred for the 2014 OIG work plan, which was delayed until February of this year.

In its introductory message, the OIG reinforces its commitment to their investigations and enforcement activities.  This is evidenced by their stated results for FY 2014:

  • Expected recoveries of over $4.9 billion
  • Expected savings of $15.7 billion as a result of legislative, regulatory and administrative actions stemming from OIG recommendations
  • Exclusions of 4,017 individuals or entities from participation in Federal health care programs

Clearly, the OIG intends on continuing their efforts which have yielded substantial enforcement results.  Therefore, it is incumbent upon health care providers to reduce their exposure by formulating and maintaining an effective compliance program.

We urge you to get familiar with the contents of the 2015 OIG work plan:

Download the OIG 2015 Work Plan

As we have in the past, we encourage our physician practice, hospital, skilled nursing and other health care clients to renew their commitment to an active and dynamic compliance program.  Further, take the time to learn more about the OIG 2015 work plan by reviewing our blogs.  Doing so should trigger a review and update of your organization's healthcare compliance program.  If you are interested in reviewing the full text of the OIG 2015 work plan, please see the download link below.

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