2011/2014 Certified EHR Technology Crosswalk

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ONC 2011/2014 Certified EHR Technology Crosswalk table 


Crosswalk tableThe Stage 2 Certified EHR Technology criteria represent a new level of sophistication for EHR systems.  This 2011/2014 Certified EHR Technology Crosswalk table for Ambulatory systems is a useful tool for those trying to see the differences between the two lists of criteria.

The Certified EHR Technology Crosswalk Table includes:

  • Lists the criteria in the order of the 2014 requirements,
  • Specifies the 2011 criteria that are being update or changed, and
  • Contains a brief description of the important changes from 2011 to 2014,

... and more.

The 2014 Test Procedures are very dense and full of jargon - all of which is needed for the standards to be met by the wide variety of EHR system vendors.  But this Crosswalk table is a valuable resource and can be used by vendors as a summary of what must be addressed to meet the 2014 CEHRT criteria.

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