The CMS IPPS Dashboard – Will a tool for EHR Meaningful Use be next?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has just released a beta version of a dashboard that contains statistical views of data in the IPPS, the Inpatient Prospective Payment System.  In addition to DRG payments, the dashboard also includes amounts paid for:

  • Medical education
  • Disproportionate share payments
  • Rural hospital payments
  • Outlier payments
  • PPS capital payments

This dashboard, with animation of changing values as you make new selections, is a great way to convey information visually, as well as being an important source for comparisons and research. The video below provides a brief overview of the dashboard, its contents and use.

CMS is committed to publishing additional information in its vast files of claims and providers.  Can a dashboard of physician or medical group costs be far behind?  What about physicians or medical groups achieving EHR Meaningful Use criteria, or a dashboard for corporate integrity agreements?  What about PQRI performance?

We are entering a new age where comparative information will be available as never before.  Add to that the comparisons of providers already done on social networking media, and it really is a brave new world of “data democracy”!  Are you ready?

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