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Data Envelopment Analysis for Healthcare

The following presentation provides a look into the details and applications of our OptiMax assessment program which utilizes “Data Envelopment Analysis” (DEA), a state-of-the-art performance delivery system.

How Data Envelopment Analysis for healthcare can be applied – a case study

Data Envelopment Analysis for healthcare can greatly enhance management decision making power whether in a medical practice, an acute hospital, or a major healthcare system.  It’s ideal for use in identifying attainable goals in areas such as …

  • Patient visits/admissions
  • Staffing
  • Supply costs, and more

Traditional healthcare benchmark data is helpful, but in many situations DEA can be a better alternative.  So don’t make the mistake of setting your performance targets based on benchmarks that focus on only being better than the norm.  Let The Fox Group help you to uncover your organization’s true, and continually evolving potential.



“It has been a pleasure to work with The Fox Group over the past three years…they performed a complete assessment of our organization, designed a comprehensive strategic plan and followed through on the implementation of that plan. I have found them to be extremely reliable and knowledgeable…ability to follow through with the strategic plan and ongoing management…highly professional people…get the job done without offending anyone…thorough, competent…(we) got more than we paid for.”

J.A.K., M.D. President,
Cardiovascular Center of Southern Nevada
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